ZR5AAD Ken Groom

ZR5AAD, Ken Groom 8/23/1952 – 9/24/2008.

Past President of the Holland Amateur Radio Club.

For many years he was the driving force behind our club, and was tireless in his efforts on behalf to promote amateur radio and our club. He encouraged many to become Amateurs, asked local amateurs to become members, and prodded members to donate their time and efforts to help the club and the community.

He was instrumental in negotiating the lease for our former clubhouse, the “Ken Groom ZR5AAD Technical and Training Center” named in his honor.

Click ZR5AAD Last Call to hear an audio recording of the Last Call for ZR5AAD.

The former Ken Groom ZR5AAD Technical and Training Center

With the expiration of the clubhouse lease the building may be is gone, but Ken’s memory will not fade as long as we take a moment to remember him.

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