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     If you use the K8DAA 2 meter or UHF repeater, you might be interested in where they are located, and what they look like.

     Let’s join Laryn, K8TVZ on a field trip:



 This is the 2 meter GE Master II transmitter rack. It consists of a 30 watt transmitter/exciter, and two 110 watt amplifiers combined.



 Laryn, K8TVZ is disconnecting the 13.8 VDC cabling from the one amplifier.



                                  Laryn really “gets into” the repeater!



 This is the 2 meter repeater transmitter exciter drawer, pulled down for access.



This cabinet contains the remote site link receivers, the UHF repeater receiver

                             and the UHF repeater transmitter.  




 Laryn. K8TVZ stands among his craftmanship. His hand is on the “UHF” cabinet, the 2 meter repeater transmitter rack is on the right, and behind Laryn is the control rack, with the ACC 850 controller at Laryns’ shoulder height.


We now step outisde. This is the top of the Holland Community hospital, along side the mechanical room penthouse. This is the base of the tower that holds the K8DAA rpeater antennas.  



This is a view looking up the tower.  The two meter repeater antenna is top mounted, and the UHF antenna is just below the top on the left.  



This is a close up shot showing the top mounted 2 meter antenna. It is a DB Products 4 vertical bay antenna, set for an omnidirectional pattern.  



 The antenna on the left is our UHF repeater antenna, a DB Products 8 bay.


 This is the Holland Amateur Radio Clubs’ keeper of all things repeating, Laryn, K8TVZ.


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