Local Nets

Compiled by Tom Wilson, KD8DEG. All frequencies are in MHz unless otherwise noted.

8:00 AM 50.400 AM Grand Rapids
8:00 PM 145.270 FM Lowell Club
8:00 PM 50.400 AM Kalamazoo, Gary K8BKB
8:00 PM 147.240 FM Allegan, Jim AC8AG
9:00 PM 50.150 USB Zeeland, Charlie N8QEM
9:30 PM 144.155 USB Holland, Bill K8NFT

7:30 PM 147.060+ FM HARC 2m Net.  Kim N8KAL, Net Manager

7:00 PM 144.222 USB Kalamazoo, K8BKB Gary
8:00PM 144.222 AM Kalamazoo, WJ8L Phil
9:30 PM 50.300 USB Kalamazoo, K8BKB Gary
9:00 PM 145.270 FM MDXA, Dave KC8PCL
9:30 PM 50.400 AM Kalamazoo, K8BKB Gary

8:00 PM 28.380 USB Allegan
9:00 PM 50.140 USB Cedar Springs, AC8AH Jerry

6:30 PM 147.520 FM 2nd Thursday each month, OCEC Simplex Net
7:00 PM 147.060+ FM 4nd Thursday each month, OCEC Repeater Net
7:00 PM 147.160+ FM Michigan youth, 22 and younger
7:00 PM 28.055 CW CW round table and rag chew in transition, open for suggestions
8:00 PM 146.800+ FM MAARC weekly Net

0000z–2400z 7.114 CW Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) Novice Day. This is for CW beginners, slower ops, or anyone who wants help. The goal is to congregate beginners where they can help each other and to increase activity on 40 meters above 7100 kHz.


8:00 PM 50.170 MHz USB Great Lakes 6 meter SSB Net. Runs out of the very north end of Ohio.

7:00 PM 50.200 USB Cadillac, round tables

If you know of any other nets, please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

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