Cancelling ALL HARC In-Person Activities

Given the current climate we’re in, I’m going to cancel all HARC In-Person events for 30 days effective immediately. This includes club meetings, EAT meetings, Radio / Build nights, VE Testing / Ham In A Day, etc. Our club business meeting will instead be hosted on the 06 repeater at our normal meeting time of 7PM on April 14th. It will be run like a Monday night net just with a slightly altered format. Please be there as we’ll be discussing Field Day 2020.

I know I might get some backlash for doing this but I think it’s the responsible call to make. These are unprecedented circumstances we’re in right now and we don’t know what the road ahead looks like yet. I’d rather be safe than sorry and make sure our members, non-members, and the general public stay healthy and safe.

Thank you all for your time and we will be in touch and re-evaluate the situation on April 14th during our club’s business meeting net. Again, thank you for all that you all do for the club!

73 all and stay healthy!

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Field Day 2020!

I know Field Day seems like it’s far off, but it’s closer than we all think. That’s why it’s time to start thinking about planning it and who can help with what. To that end, Jared KE8GBF has put together this nice Google form for you to fill out by clicking here. I encourage all HARC members, as well as those interested in helping HARC out, to fill out this form ASAP. This will let Jared know who can help out and expedite certain things too. Thank you all for your participation! 73

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Holland ARC Meeting ~ Tuesday, April 14, 2020 ON THE AIR!

Join the fun at the Holland Amateur Radio Club’s monthly general membership meeting Tuesday night, April 14 at 7:00pm ON THE AIR!  Our club business meeting will be hosted on the 06 repeater at our normal meeting time and date.  It will be run like a Monday night net, but with a slightly altered format.  Please be there as we’ll be discussing Field Day 2020.

You need not be a club member join in!

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We’re nothing without you…

If you haven’t already done so, please join the Holland Amateur Radio Club for another successful year by renewing your membership today.  This club is active and growing and we need your support to keep the ball rolling.  Where else can you have so much fun for so little cost?  And how easy can it be to pay those dues?  Just bring your $25 (single) or $35 (family) dues to the next meeting, OR mail it to Holland Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 2104, Holland, MI 49422-2104 OR you can use Paypal.  Even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still pay online using your credit card. Details are on the membership page:

The Holland Amateur Radio Club values your membership and your support.  Thank you!

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Buy? Sell? Swap? ~ Mailing List Subgroup!

The HARC has decided to split out “swap” messages into their own mailing list on  A list has been set up so that anyone already subscribed to the main K8DAA group will be able to post by sending a message to  If you’d like to subscribe to the list to receive the messages by email, however, you’ll need to send an email to

More details about the subgroup are available here:

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Obtain, Upgrade, or Renew your License ~ June 13, 2020

On Saturday, June 13, the Holland Amateur Radio Club will be holding licensing exams for anyone wishing to get or upgrade their amateur radio license.  The testing will be held at the Chick-Owa Sportsmans Club, 9279 Ottogan St., Holland.  The testing session will begin at 6:00 p.m.  There is no charge for any testing.  No Morse code is required for any grade license.  In addition, if your license is within 90 days of expiration, it can quickly be renewed at no charge between 6:00 and the end of testing.

What to bring with you:  If available, bring a legal photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport.  If no legal photo ID is available, bring 2 pieces of legal ID.  Anyone 16 years old or younger must have a parent or legal guardian present for the entire testing session.  IMPORTANT… If you currently hold a ham radio license, bring the license and a copy of the license to the test session.  (Copy will be sent in with the testing results.)   

Note:  This is a federal exam and the FCC requires you to have an FRN.    You can obtain your Federal Registration Number (FRN) before the test, by going to this website:   The FCC FRN process is simple, and quite fast. 

For further information on license testing, please email Bob Broene, K8RJB, at k8rjb[dot]ham[at]

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Shopping on Amazon?

Support us when you shop on Amazon. Go to and Amazon will donate a percentage to Holland Amateur Radio Club.  This adds nothing to the cost of your purchase but benefits the club.  Thanks!

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Holland ARC’s DMR Repeater is on the Air!

If you are interested in DMR, the Holland ARC has put a DMR repeater in service, co-located with the 147.06 and the analog UHF repeater at the Holland Community Hospital.

Details: Rptr out 443.8875  Rptr in 448.8875

Color Code is 4   (Repeater is connected to the Brandmeister Network)

Static Talk Groups

Slot 1      3169 (Midwest),   31261 (Mi5-Statewide 1),   31608 (USA Area 8)

Slot 2     3126 (Michigan),    31262  (Mi5-Statewide 2),    31267 (West Michigan),

31268 (UP of Michigan),    31269 (West Michigan Technical group)

Other Brandmeister talkgroups are available using PTT.

This repeater is for experimenting and having fun. Quite a bit of activity on the West Michigan Talk Group, 31267.

The Holland ARC wishes to thank Sam, K8SN and Mike, KB8ZGL for their helping hands in this project.

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2018 Field Day photos and a video link

There is a PDF uploaded that has pictures of the 2018 field day.

Holland ARC Field Day 2018

And Zach, KE8BSM has uploaded a great video to Youtube:

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New Email List Server for the Holland ARC

After years of being with the Yahoo Groups, and after much heartache, the Holland ARC has moved over to the email list server. Superior service is here.

If you did not get the email on how to sign up, please go to:

From there you will see “apply for membership” icon. Click on that and follow the instructions and we should be good to go.

The archives are available at any time to be read without logging in.  Todd, W8YHF ported over thousands of emails from the Yahoo Group.

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