Ham License in a Day, April 11, 2015, Saturday.

April 11, 2015  “Ham in a Day.”  This is an opportunity for anyone wishing to get their amateur radio technician license to study and take the exam all in one afternoon.  Directed study starts at 1:00 and continues till 6:00, when the test will be given.  For registration and more information, go to:  http://tinyurl.com/harchiad .  Also, anyone holding current technician and general licenses may arrive at 6:00 and take the tests to upgrade.

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Pictures of the 2014 Holland Field Day

A quick look at the the Holland ARC Field Day this year, with a special thank you to Phil, K8PVH for the pictures.

Holland ARC Field Day 2014

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QRP in the Park, May 31, 2014

Holland ARC QRP in the Park 2014

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So you would like to get your amateur radio license?

Presented here is a simple PDF with several online links that can help you study for your first technician license, and upgrade to the general and extra class:

So you want to get your license ?

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K8DAA 2 meter repeater audio now online…

You can now listen to the Holland ARC’s 147.060 repeater audio on the Internet.

The direct link is:


This is found on the Radio Reference page for Ottawa County:


Keep in mind that with steaming audio there is a 25-30 second delay in the audio.

This feed makes it handy for many of us to monitor the repeater from our work environment, especially during severe weather.

There is no cost to you or the club for this service.

Tom Bosscher K8TB

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NWS Spotter Training Online now available

The NWs has put an online study course in place. This is a great start.

Take a look at:


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Membership can now be paid using PayPal

If you desire, you can pay for a regular or family membership using Paypal. Even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can pay online using your credit card. Details are on the membership page:


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