New Net! Friday Night TGIF Net!

The hits just keep on coming!  Since the HARC “How Are You?” net was a big hit during our shelter in place phase, it’s being replaced with another Friday night net that is more permanent.

So, starting on Friday October 23 at 7PM, we’ll be having HARC “TGIF Nets” Fridays on the 06 repeater. We’ll have topics and maybe some trivia. This will be a laid-back net to kick back, unwind, and hang out.  Take off your mask, pull your chair up close, and chillax.*

Please come join us for the first HARC TGIF net on Friday, October 23 at 7PM on the 06 repeater. . .

*Yes, “chillax” is a real word – a combination of “chill out” and “relax”, which can be found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  Use it to impress your kids and/or grandkids.

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