General in a Day, Kinda ~ Nov. 9, 2019

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, the Holland ARC will hold a “General Class in a Day, Kinda” class at the Chick-Owa Sportsman’s Club, 9279 E. Ottogan Street, Holland.  It will follow the technician class process in that on that Saturday there will be a 5 hour memory retention study hall.  Please understand that no theory will be taught. These 5 hours will be you reviewing the approximately 440 questions used in the general class pool.

Registration is now open, and registration is preferred.  Registration will close on October 19, which is three weeks before the November 9th date.  This class is limited to the first twenty people, and the cost is $10.00.

Once you register, you will get an email every week reinforcing what you should be studying.  That word “kinda” in the title?  Your part of the deal is to spend about 30 minutes a day studying the materials we recommend, starting by October 19 – that’s the “kinda”.  You will then have the 5 hour study hall to finish your studying and review.

The “General in a Day, Kinda” study session will begin at 1:00 on November 9, and at 6:00 we will start the exam session.  For more information or to register, please go to

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