Winter Field Day Results ~ January 26 & 27

   Josh, KE8DXB with Big Red lighthouse in the background.  (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Winter Field Day (WFD) 2019 ran 24 hours, from 2pm on January 26 to 2pm on January 27.  Operators world-wide were challenged to practice and exercise their emergency communications skills during the winter months in the face of inclement weather or adverse conditions and Michigan delivered those conditions in spades!

The driving force behind this enterprise was a group comprised of Jared Luellen KE8BGF, Josh Barnes KE8DXB, David Chase K8RXB, and Dan Yonker KN8X.  Kim Lobert N8KAL was executive chef for the event, treating the team to breakfast and dinner.

This was the first time that the Holland Amateur Radio Club took part in WFD and this hardy group of guys did us proud!  They came up with the idea, reserved two cabins at Holland State Park, hauled in and set up the equipment, and made it happen.  They operated indoors, where they set up one cabin for the phone station and one for digital and CW.  They took turns operating as 2i (i for indoors), phone and digital/cw.  One highlight of the weekend was making contact with the “mother ship”, W1AW, the ARRL’s station.  The results of the weekend contest were:

CW:                                           43
Digital (PSK31):                   47
Phone:                               162
Total:                                  252

Points (minus bonus):      2,736
Points (including bonus): 6,972

Check out the Holland ARC Winter Field Day Facebook page for more pictures:  

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