November 13, 2018 Club Meeting & Presentation

The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on November 13, 2018 at the Chick-Owa Sportsman’s Club, 9279 E Ottogan Street, Holland and you won’t want to miss this one!  The Holland ARC will welcome Pete Hoffswell, N9SSA, who will give a talk on “LoRa”. No, that’s not a girl’s name.  LoRa stands for Long Range radio.  To us, the range is rather short, but this is a unique radio system in the 433/900 MHz band.  Pete is the Broadband Services Manager of the Holland BPW and heads up the ISP and fiber network for the city.  Pete was responsible for putting up HARC’s website in the beginning and getting us the Yahoo email list server.

Some notes from Jeff, KD8THX: “LoRa is pretty interesting. It’s an ultra low data rate wide area network. It’s available in a number of areas as a pay for service thru the cell phone companies and other WiFi network providers. There’s also a growing number of open LoRa gateways in communities providing free network access. I think GR has some open gateways in the downtown area. The range in my opinion is usually overstated. Typical range in urban and heavily forested areas can be as little as 0.5km to 1-2km. In a suburban environment, depending on the number of trees, the range can be up to about 5-10 km.

About two years ago LoRa gateway devices were still rather expensive. Cost was $400-$900 for a gateway. Now there are HATS for a number of inexpensive single board computers to make your own LoRa gateway for a lot less money.  A LoRa gateway is needed to connect and use LoRa devices.

The Things Network has a lot of good information to get you started.

Pete Hoffswell and the Lakeshore Tech Makers – Holland is another good local resource for LoRa:”

The city of Holland does have several devices in use within the city.  Of course, Wikipedia has something to say at:

There will be a general business meeting following the presentation.  Everyone is welcome; you do not have to be a member of the Holland Amateur Radio Club to attend.

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